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eGo-K is the package that suits you if you're looking for your first e-cigarette. You get one complete e-cigarette and a USB charger. Unlike the larger with packets you get no accessories, extra clearomizers or extra batteries. An e-cigarette consists of a battery and an evaporator that is the e-liquid as it is smoked. Different evaporators give different taste and produce different amounts of smoke.

The eGo-K comes with the sequel to the best selling vaporizer eGo CE5 (Clearomizer), which have interchangeable parts. We recommend one clearomizer per e-liquid flavor so you can enjoy that particular flavor. Should you change the flavor of e-liquid you need to clean your clearomizer, otherwise the flavors mix (for good or bad).

Comes with:

Number: 1pc
Length 135mm
Diameter 14mm
Size 1 x 650mAh
Capacity 1,6ml
Voltage 3,7v
Charging time 1h
Threading eGo
Evaporator 1 x eGo CE5
Charger USB

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How to get started:

1. Press the manual button 5 times to activate the battery.
2. Plug the battery into the USB charger and charge it for 8 hours the first time (regardless of whether the charger indicates green after 2 hours or not) the first time.
3. Fill your clearomizer with e-liquid and let it stand a few minutes and attract.
4. Once the battery is charged for 8 hours screws on the clearomizer.
5. Take your first puff!


How to charge your battery:

1. Remove the evaporator from the battery.
2. Screw the battery into the USB charger.
3. Charge the battery until the USB charger light changes from red to green.
4. Then screw the battery from the charger and attach the evaporator.
NOTE: Charge 8 hours the first time using the battery.

How to fill your clearomizer:

1. Unscrew the drip tip.
2. Fill with e-liquid by tilting the clearomizer and drip on the inside of the clearomizer wall. Avoid getting e-liquid in my tube as it is a tube for air passage.
3. Replace the drip tip.
4. Let the clearomizer soak for 1-2 minutes.
5. Screw the clearomizer onto your battery.


To clean your vaporizer:

1. Disassemble all parts.
2. Boil water in a pot.
3. Place the clearomizer parts in the pot and allow to soak for a few minutes.
4. Rinse the parts in water as hot as you can, feel free to use pliers to hold the parts so you can rinse in scalding water.
5. Blow air through the hole in the coil base to ensure something is not jammed there.
6. Let it dry for at least 12 hours, preferably longer.


How to replace the coil head:

1. Unscrew the drip tip.
2. Remove the plastic cover by unscrewing the bottom metal ring, open the clearomizer and take out the parts.
3. At the top of the coil base sits the coil head, unscrew it and replace with a new coil head.
4. Replace the plastic cover.

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