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SMOK - TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank

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( Petter, 18/07/2017 ) text_question

Med tanken på den nya lagen så har jag en liten undran, kommer ni få in nå fler Tfv12 för försäljning? Mvh petter

( Elin, 22/07/2017 ) text_answer

Hej Petter, 

Vi kommer att sälja TFV12 ett tag ännu. Ny leverans borde landa i början på nästa vecka, så håll ut :-) 

Mvh, Elin 

( Kalle , 16/07/2017 ) text_question

Tjena När får ni in den i lager igen.

( Niklas, 20/07/2017 ) text_answer

Hallå där! På måndag eller tisdag nästa vecka kommer de godbitarna i lager igen!

( RioX, 12/05/2017 ) text_question

Tjena, när får ni hem den 7-färgade igen? :)

( Skylar, 18/05/2017 ) text_answer


Vi beräknar en leverans i slutet på nästa vecka (runt den 26)

( Omar, 11/05/2017 ) text_question

Hej. Vilken batteri passar bäst till tankens coil

( Skylar, 12/05/2017 ) text_answer

Hej Omar,

Jag hade kört LG Då det är vår mest kraffulla batteri.

Ha en fin helg!

( Mehdi, 09/05/2017 ) text_question

Passar denna tfv12 på V8 stick ?

( Skylar, 12/05/2017 ) text_answer


Då TFV12 använder 12 coils hade jag nog avstått från att använda en V8 stick som inte har ett så pass kraftfullt batteri, det hade blivit en för hög kapacitet och du hade behövt ladda batteriet väldigt ofta eller bränt ut batteriet. Du kanske ska testa en RX 300 eller alien mod?

Ha en fin helg!

( Martin, 24/04/2017 ) text_question

kommer ni få hem tanken i 7 colors färgen igen ??

( Skylar, 25/04/2017 ) text_answer

Hej Martin,

Vi har den i regnbågsfärgat? Vi får in fler i nästa vecka, i början på Maj.

( Christer Jansson, 23/04/2017 ) text_question

Hej! När fått ni in den i övriga färger

( Skylar, 25/04/2017 ) text_answer


Vi beräknar att få in den om en veckas tid. I början på Maj månad 

( Sebbe, 17/03/2017 ) text_question

Kommer den in i svart? om så när då?

( Skylar, 17/03/2017 ) text_answer


Den är på ingång. Någon gång i nästa vecka :)

Håll utkik på hemsidan, just nu har vi den i guld och rostfritt stål.

( Terry Thomasson, 06/03/2017 ) text_question

Hej, när får ni in den här i lager?

( Skylar, 08/03/2017 ) text_answer


Denna finns på lager. Du är välkommen med din beställning.


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SMOK - TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank

Smok has done the near impossible and has made it a reality. Introducing the first top of the line sub ohm tank that packs a whopping twelve coils within the atomizer head, the TFV12 is the King of the Cloud Beasts.

You thought the TFV8 was powerful, wait till you try this bad boy out. The TFV12 features wide open adjustable airflow, high quality materials and precision machining, a large 6.0mL tank capacity, and many other features that are waiting to be discovered by you. Unprecedented and unmatched, the TF line from Smok raises the bar in vaping technology and keeps pushing the limits further and further. The coils include the 0.12Ω duodenary coils (twelve) and two quad coils ohming out at 0.15Ω (V12-X4 & V12-Q4) as well as many other spare parts.


  • Dimensions: 70*27mm
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Food Grade Glass Tube
  • 6mL Tank Capacity
  • New Coil Series
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Swivel Top Fill Feature
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • RBA Base Available
  • Predecessor Of One Of The Top Selling Tanks
  • All New 12 Coil Design
  • Massive Vapor
  • Saturated Flavor
  • Knurled Airflow Control Ring​

Comes with:

  • 1 x TFV12 Tank
  • 1 x V12-T12 0.12Ω Duodenary Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x V12-X4 0.15Ω Quad Coil
  • 1 x V12-Q4 0.15Ω Quad Coil
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x Smok Vapor Band
  • 1 x Sealing Pad
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 5 x Spare O-Rings
  • 1 x User Manual

Ovo je originalni proizvod kompanije SMOKtech.

Kada kupujete kod nas imate garanciju da nećete dobiti kopiju već originalni proizvod čiji su kvalitet i performanse zagarantovane.
Svi proizvodi se dostavljaju u pakovanju u kojem ih primimo.

When you bought a new clearomizer, or will replace the existing coil with a new one, it is important that you prepare coilen the best way. Do you not think there is the imminent risk of your coil will not function optimally, the cotton can be burned, flavors deteriorate, but above all, life expectancy is shortened considerably.

Below we have step by step how to do, would you rather watch a video, scroll down.

What we explain here is how you prime the coil:

  • Take your new coil, drip e-juice on the cotton through all the slots you'll see on the coil (there may be more), so that the cotton is really wet.
  • Repeat above step if the cotton have soaked real good, or if the cotton is not soaked enough.
  • If you have soaked the cotton so much so that it drops out of the coil, you can blow through the coil to remove the excess e-juice
  • Put the coil in the base.
  • Fill the tank.
  • Put the clearomizer together.

When coilen is primed you'll need to start of at low watts and gradually increase the power until you reached the desired level:

  • First, take a few long puffs (dry hits) without pressing the button, then the e-juice will flow into the cotton that may not become wet already.
  • Wait 5 minutes.
  • Start off at low watts, take a few puffs.
  • Increase by 10%, take a few more puffs.
  • Continue to increase the watts step by step, until you reached the watts you want to reach.

E-juice are bought separately and we recommend a maximum of 6mg nicotine strength to this product, to give you a good experience and feel. Devices using sub ohm coils (ohm below 1.0) has a stronger effect than older devices, meaning you'll get more nicotine with sub ohm devices and therefor needing a lower strength.

How to fill your clearomizer:

1. Remove the drip tip.
2. Fill with e-juice by tilting the clearomizer and drip on the inside of the clearomizer wall. Avoid getting e-juice in the mittle tube as it is a tube for air passage.
3. Put back the drip tip.
4. Let the clearomizer soak for 1-2 minutes.

How to clean your clearomizer:

1. Disassemble all parts.
2. Boil water in a pot and remove from the heat once its started to boil.
3. Place the clearomizer parts in the pot and allow to soak for a few minutes.
4. Rinse the parts in water as hot as you can, feel free to use pliers to hold the parts so you can rinse in scalding water.
5. Blow through the hole in the coil base to ensure nothing's jammed in there.
6. Let it dry for at least 12 hours, preferably longer.


How to replace the coil head:

1. Remove the drip tip.
2. Remove the tank by unscrewing the bottom metal ring, open the clearomizer and take out the parts.
3. At the top of the coil base you'll find the coil head, unscrew it and replace with a new coil head.
4. Assemble the clearomizer again.



Količina: 1kom
Visina 70mm
Prečnik 27mm
Materijal Stainless steel
Kapacitet 6ml
Kontrola protoka vazduha (AFC) Yes

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  •  - 29 SEK (Free shipping over 500 SEK)
  •  - 59 SEK (Free shipping over 1000 SEK)
  • EU: 59 SEK (Free shipping over 1000 SEK)
  • The rest of the world: 99 SEK (Free shipping over 1500 SEK)

    Only valid for stocked products, not drop shipped products.
    * Base liquids and other heavy products will be charged extra shipping fee, no matter if free shipping is reached.


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  •  - 2-6 working days
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  • Rest of the world 5-8 working days

    * Delivery time may vary due to third part. 
    Delays due Posten handling or incorrect addressesIt may be that the package is delayed in the Post system for various reasons. In some cases, they go back to the sender (us) after 14 days, though everything is correct. In those cases, we need to wait for a rebound before we can send the package again. For customers that entered the wrong address, we need to wait 14 days before the shipment comes to us again and then the customer will be charged 29kr for the return, and 29kr for sending out the package again.

All orders, except drop shipped products are shipped by traceable commodity letters. All other orders are sent with A-post via Swedish Posten by the packages unique "kolli-ID" or tracking id. Contact us to get your tracking id. When the package is recorded at entry (Posten) and reaches its point of delivery (unless it can be handed out), you are notified by email or text message if specified in the order.

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