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For those who are looking for your first rebuildable atomizer, or want to try something new, you've come to the right place! We at only carry the best and latest atomizers to give you the best experience possible - no rubbish. We have both genuine products and clones (copies), this is stated in the first line under each product description. All our products can withstand a comparison against our competition, not only pricing but also when it comes to information.

In this section you will find rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA, or dripper), which is an atomizer where you build the coil yourself. The drippers distinguishing features is that a it doesn't have a tank at all, after a few puffs you simply drip a few drops of e-juice directly on the coil. A dripper gives good flavors and really big clouds of vaporA coil is built by a thread that is spun around, where you then thread cotton through, there are also pre made coils available for purchase. If you intend to build a coil for watt mode use only, then go for Kanthal. If you have intention on building a coil for temperature regulating purposes then you'll need a wire with those features such as Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni) or titanium (Ti).

Please note that all the products you find here are sold without e-juice, tools, wire or cotton (if it is not written as included, specifically for the respective product); purchase separately. Browse through our products to see which best suits you and remember that you can catch our attention at any time, by sending a short email to us at info @ or call us at 040-6170400.

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GeekVape - Tsunami 24 Plus (RDA)
GeekVape - Tsunami 24 Plus (RDA)
The Tsunami Plus RDA by Geek Vape welcomes you with an overwhelming flow of vapor once that first bu..
324 SEK
Bez PDV-a: 259 SEK
Na osnovu 1 recenzija.
Twisted Messes - RDA² Squared LITE, Jay Bo Designs, Gold (RDA)
The Twisted Messes RDA2 Squared is meticulously engineered with intuitive design elements inspired f..
599 SEK
Bez PDV-a: 479 SEK

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